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Balsam Range

Balsam Range - Aeonic
In just over a decade, Balsam Range has collected armfuls of industry awards, held multiple months at the top of radio charts, recorded and performed with the Atlanta Pops Orchestra, and headlined an array of eclectic music festivals, all the while maintaining their identity and refining their craft to become one of the most vital artists in the roots genre.

On the heels of their second International Bluegrass Music Association Entertainer of the Year award, this eminent band continues to be a tour de force in Bluegrass with their album, Aeonic, from Mountain Home Music Company.
With this music, Balsam Range continues to grow the magic that has mesmerized audiences and expanded their fandom — arresting songs full of humanity, dynamic performances graced with subtleties, and material that is both personal and profound. Music that would be powerful in any genre but is made all the more compelling through this Western North Carolina band’s acoustic music mastery.


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- Books We Recommend - 

Unjust: Social Justice and the Unmaking of America

Unjust: Social Justice and the Unmaking of America by Noah Rothman (Release Date: January 29, 2019)  

Social justice is not justice—it is a dogma that divides society into identity groups and foments division, anger, and desire for vengeance.

Unfortunately, social justice has permeated America; and as it turns out, it is not a philosophy that appeals to the better angels of our nature. In practice, social justice is outright disdainful of the blind, unbiased justice toward which Western civilization has striven since its very beginning. Social justice advocates would argue that blind justice is a utopian objective, a myth clung to by naïve children.  

The social justice creed is shaping our every daily interaction. It influences how businesses structure themselves. It is altering how employers and employees interrelate. It has utterly transformed academia. It is remaking our politics with alarming swiftness. And there are consequences for those who transgress against the tenets of social justice and the self-appointed inquisitors who enforce its maxims.

In Unjust, Commentary Magazine associate editor Noah Rothman deconstructs today's out-of-control social justice movement and illustrates the lasting damage it has had on America's politics, culture, education system, and future.


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