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 RANT - Democrats pressure banks to atone for slavery-era activities to 'redress past wrongs’ - "One witness said banks have yet to address the harm they did during slavery."

 RANT - 'After school Satan Club' offered to Virginia primary school students - "Hey Kids! Let's Have Fun At After School Satan Club!" a flier promoting the new program reads.


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 RANT - Wisconsin Children’s Hospital Is Stacking Its Bench Of Chaplains With Trans Activists - "Children’s Wisconsin’s recent chaplain hires are full-fledged left-wing activists who twist religion to advance their preferred social Marxist policies."

 RANT - After Maricopa County Voting Debacle, Arizona Must Reform Its Election Laws - "Term-limited outgoing Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, should call a lame-duck special session of the Legislature for the sole purpose of enacting voting reforms before the presumptive governor-elect, Democrat Katie Hobbs, can take office on Jan. 2—after which it definitely won’t get done."


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