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 FBI Agents' Texts Included Attempt to Meet With FISA Judge - Text messages between two FBI officials with ties to the Russia investigation show the pair tried to set up a private meeting with a FISA Court judge in the summer of 2016 right before the FBI began investigating the Trump campaign.

 Leading Republican Senators: It's Time For a Second Special Counsel on Whether Hillary Clinton Got a Pass

 White House unveils new sanctions against Putin focused on his spies as Trump joins France, Germany and the UK in condemning nerve gas attack and says it 'looks like' Putin was behind it - The Trump administration slapped new sanctions on five institutions and 19 individuals; They hit individuals charged with interfering in the 2016 presidential election

 US says Russia hacks energy grid, critical infrastructure - The Trump administration accused Russia of a concerted operation to hack the U.S. energy grid and other critical infrastructure including aviation, and separately imposed sanctions on a raft of Russian officials for alleged high-tech interference in the 2016 American presidential election.

 Republicans on House Panel Find No Collusion Between Russia and Trump Campaign

 Special Counsel Robert Mueller Said To Be 'Close To Completion' Of Trump Obstruction Probe

 CIA Director Mike Pompeo: No indication Russian meddling changed 2016 election outcome

 Trump Lawyers Seek Deal With Mueller to Speed End of Russia Probe - Legal team aims to use interview with president as leverage in negotiations

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 Sessions fires McCabe before he can retire - Attorney General Jeff Sessions accepted the recommendation that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who took the reins of the agency during the turbulent days after the abrupt firing of James Comey, be terminated — two days before he was to retire and become eligible for full pension benefits.

 Robert Mueller subpoenas Trump Organization in Russia investigation - Special counsel Robert Mueller has subpoenaed the Trump Organization seeking documents related to Russia — in what is said to be the first time the prosecutor has turned his attention to President Trump’s businesses.

 Rep. Adam Schiff: Democrats will push to continue investigation into Trump, Russia collusion - Rep. Adam Schiff said the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation needs to continue, even with the special counsel’s ongoing investigation into the matter.

 Mueller witness is convicted pedophile with shadowy past

 Senior Obama State Dept. Official Approved Meeting That Catalyzed Trump/Russia Investigation - A new book states that a senior Barack Obama State Department official approved an FBI agent meeting dossier writer Christopher Steele in 2016. That meeting ultimately catalyzed the ongoing investigation into supposed collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. 

 House Oversight Committee Calls For Special Counsel To Investigate Crimes At Obama's DOJ - House Oversight Committee members have called for a new special counsel to be appointed to investigate crimes involving bias and FISA abuse at the Obama Department of Justice.

 Obama administration to blame for WikiLeaks releases, Assange says - Julian Assange credited the Obama administration for putting him in place to publish sensitive documents through his WikiLeaks website, including Democratic emails released during the 2016 U.S. presidential race.

 The Ninth Circuit Just Allowed Children To Sue Trump Over Global Warming - A federal appeals court ruled in favor of 21 children and young adults suing the U.S. government for not doing enough to protect their constitutional right to a stable climate. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals judges refused to grant mandamus relief and block the U.S. District Court in Oregon from hearing the suit, which was originally filed by the environmental group Our Children’s Trust in 2015.


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