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 BuzzFeed’s Trump Story Latest In Long List Of Russia Bombshells That Weren’t

 Democrats reject Trump’s bid to negotiate on immigration for his wall - The president’s latest proposal marked an attempt to end the 29-day shutdown, but he was swiftly rebuffed by Democrats who called it more of the same.

 Trump offers immigration compromise to Democrats for wall funding in bid to end shutdown - President Trump offered Democrats a deal to end the 29-day-old government shutdown by extending protections for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in return for $5.7 billion in border wall funding.

 Commentary: Can you trust Michael Cohen? - "...A mysterious $50,000 payment begs some questions."

 Impeachment talk grows louder after report Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress - “We will do what’s necessary to find out if it’s true," Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the chairman of the House Intelligence committee said.

 Commentary: Pelosi’s latest shutdown gimmick: Taunting Trump - "...Don't be fooled by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's "security concerns": In calling for a delay of President Trump’s State of the Union Address, her only motive is obviously to deny him a nationally televised bully pulpit from which to press Democrats to end the government shutdown."

 Pelosi DEMANDS Trump Delay The State Of The Union Until After Shutdown Is Resolved

 Trump Denies Ever Working for Russia, Blasts Investigators

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 Montage: Media Was Already Calling for Trump Impeachment Following Disputed BuzzFeed Report - Mere moments after BuzzFeed published a report — elements of which are now being called “false” by Special Council Robert Mueller’s office — the media had already begun invoking Trump’s imminent impeachment.

 BuzzFeed's stumble fuels doubts about the press - BuzzFeed News' apparently mistaken story about Michael Cohen and President Donald Trump is the highest profile misstep yet for a news organization during a period of heightened and intense scrutiny of the press. Reporters at the Guardian, CNN, McClatchy News and other outlets have published disputed, suspect or uncorroborated stories about Trump and the investigation swirling around him since special counsel Robert Mueller began his probe 21 months ago. Each instance has elicited cries of "fake news," stoking the claim that the mainstream media is biased and irresponsible.

 Special Counsel Disputes BuzzFeed Report That Alleged Trump Directed Cohen to Lie to Congress - House Democrats said earlier they would probe the allegations in the report.

 Intel Dem: Trump must resign or be impeached if Cohen report is true - Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) called for President Trump to resign or be impeached if a report about him directing his former longtime lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress is true.

 FBI: Man planned to jihad attack White House, Washington D.C. with anti-tank rocket - A Muslim residing in Georgia was arrested on suspicion of planning a jihad attack on the White House, other high-profile national targets and at least one Jewish site in the nation's capital. Hasher Jallal Taheb was taken in after a year-long FBI sting operation that grew out of local authorities' fears that the 21-year-old Cumming resident had "become radicalized, changed his name and made plans to travel abroad," according to a criminal complaint filed with a federal court in Atlanta.

 Trump’s AG Pick to Pledge Protection for Mueller’s Russia Probe: Testimony

 ABC’s Jon Karl: People Close to Mueller Say His Report ‘Certain to Be Anti-Climactic’ - Speaking on the latest report from the New York Times on President Donald Trump’s relationship with the FBI, ABC’s Jon Karl told George Stephanopoulos people who are close to Robert Mueller tell him the report of the investigation is “certain to be anti-climatic” and not have any bombshells.

 Trump slams ‘corrupt’ former FBI officials for opening spy probe of him - President Trump blasted former FBI leaders over a report that the agency launched an investigation of the president to determine if he was a Russian asset after he fired FBI Director James B. Comey in 2017.


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