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 ‘Trump is a f**king idiot’ ranted FBI agent Peter Strzok in text messages handed to Congress - FBI official removed from Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation over bias accusations

 FBI agent becomes GOP public enemy No. 1 - Republicans have a new public enemy No. 1: Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who was reassigned from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team over anti-Trump text messages he sent during the presidential race. A slate of reports from multiple outlets have catapulted the once-anonymous intelligence agent into the political maelstrom over what Republicans say is a woeful double standard of political bias at the FBI.

 WaPo Reporter Tweets Picture Of Empty Trump Speech, Gets Called Out By Trump And Retracts

 Bias allegations in Robert Mueller's probe offer Trump allies a new counterargument

 Mueller’s ‘Pit Bull’ Attended Clinton’s Election Night Party - An attorney for special counsel Robert Mueller attended Hillary Clinton’s election night party in New York City, The Wall Street Journal reported. Andrew Weissmann’s attendance at the party is one of many signs pointing to a troubling bias from the attorney. Weissmann has been described by The New York Times as Mueller’s “lieutenant” and “pit bull.”

 Trump’s Allies Urge Harder Line as Mueller Probe Heats Up - President’s legal team had predicted investigation would clear Trump by year’s end

 FBI director refuses to give Congress information about agent in Clinton investigation - FBI Director Christopher Wray rebuffed requests from Republican lawmakers for information about a key agent accused of political bias against President Trump and the role the man played in exonerating Hillary Clinton of criminal wrongdoing and in starting surveillance of Trump campaign officials.

 North Korea says U.S. threats make war unavoidable on Korean peninsula: KCNA - Large military drills being carried out by the United States and South Korea and U.S. threats of a preemptive war against Pyongyang have made the outbreak of war on the Korean peninsula “an established fact”, North Korea’s foreign ministry said.

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 Commentary: Roy Moore loss not a commentary on Donald Trump - "...Roy Moore may have denied all the sexual misconduct and harassment charges that plagued his long and dark campaign — but apparently, voters couldn’t move past the shadows, and Democrat Doug Jones won. Democrats are no doubt poised to spin the Moore loss as some sort of stunning commentary on President Donald Trump. But that’d be folly."

 Commentary: Big media’s sad and extremely horrible week

 CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ Turns Network’s Colossal Screwup Into An Attack On Trump

 Most Busted Name In News: CNN Doesn't Want To Talk About Its Colossal Don Jr. Screwup

 The media's Russia probe meltdown: 3 screw-ups in one week - The media is having a rough week when it comes to reporting on the federal government's multiple ongoing Russia investigations. Three stories in the past seven days have crumbled under greater scrutiny.

 CNN Botches Major ‘Bombshell’ Alleging Contacts Between Don Jr. And WikiLeaks - CNN misreported key details of an offer made to Donald Trump Jr. last year of a batch of stolen Wikileaks documents. The story, which CNN published and covered extensively on TV, was touted as the first evidence that the Trump campaign was given a heads-up about documents stolen from Democrats. But the story appears to have been riddled with errors, while also lacking key context.

 Commentary: What We Know About The Russia-Clinton Uranium One Deal So Far Is Crazy Enough - "...This massive global corruption case implicates the very U.S. presidential candidate who projected similar nefarious activities onto her opponent."

 House rejects Trump impeachment resolution after Dem Rep. Al Green forces vote - The House of Representatives overwhelmingly rejected an attempt to impeach President Trump after a liberal Texas congressman forced a vote. Democratic Rep. Al Green, who has repeatedly called for the president's removal, introduced two articles of impeachment against Trump. But lawmakers immediately voted to effectively kill his resolution, with 364 voting to table it and 58 Dems voting to move ahead.


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