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 Michael Goodwin: Trump impeachment trial – Even with Bolton, case against president is too small for removal

 Team Trump puts Hunter Biden, Obama on trial - President Trump’s defense team put Hunter Biden and former President Barack Obama on trial during the impeachment case in the Senate, questioning why Democrats weren’t outraged about Mr. Biden’s $3 million sweetheart deal with a Ukrainian gas company or Mr. Obama “caving” to Russia on missile defense.

 GOP Senator Hawley Drafts Motions to Subpoena Adam Schiff, the Whistleblower and the Bidens to Testify

 Senate GOP unmoved by Dems' impeachment message: 'Not changing our opinion'

 Rand Paul Says Adam Schiff Is Unifying Republicans When He Talks During Impeachment Process - Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said that Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff is unifying Republicans against the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

 Commentary: Democrats would have a much easier time in the impeachment trial if there were a crime they could point to - "...The last two attempts to remove a president from office involved clear criminal activity."

 Behind the White House’s impeachment battle plans - Trump’s lawyers show the Framers intended impeachment only for the most serious crimes.

 "We Will Not Stop!" - Maxine Waters Vows to Continue New Impeachments Against President Trump

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 She's Not Gone YET: Hillary Feels 'Urge' To Run

 DOJ Hires Antitrust Staff As "Broad Investigation" Into Big Tech Firms Accelerates - "The attorneys hired will work on a broad investigation of major digital technology firms."

 Impeachment Trial: Senators Stunned at Half-Empty Spectator Gallery - The Senate spectator gallery has remained half-empty during President Donald Trump's impeachment trial, and senators are stunned.

 House Democrats conceal testimony of 18th witness from Trump team - Democrats clamoring for more witnesses at President Trump’s impeachment trial are concealing one of those questioned in the House investigation, President Trump’s defense team says.

 ‘Very big’: Defiant Trump eyes tax cuts, travel ban, trade deals in second-term agenda

 Commentary: Trump impeachment puts him at war with much of media - "...The media that lobbied for the impeachment of Donald Trump ever since he was elected finally got Democrats to do their bidding and try once more to take down the president."

 'We don’t have the votes': Graham says push to dismiss impeachment articles right away is 'dead' - Sen. Lindsey Graham said Republicans would hold a full impeachment trial because they do not have the votes to dismiss charges against President Trump immediately.

 Trump legal team planning aggressive response to impeachment summons - President Trump's legal team will categorically reject the articles of impeachment and charges levied against the president in their official response to a Senate summons.


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