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 RAVE - Mike Rowe’s Thoughts On The Florida Shooting Are The Best You Will Hear From Anyone -- Mike Rowe shared his thoughts on the recent tragedy at Stoneman Douglas High School, and it will blow anything the establishment media has to say out of the water.

Rowe wrote: “Evil is real. As long as humans have walked the earth, people have chosen to do evil things. This is what happened in Florida. A nineteen-year old man chose to do an evil thing. He planned it. He executed it. He succeeded.”


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 RANT - The Left Is Conditioning College Students To Hate Free Speech -- From canceled classes at Princeton to sobbing undergrads at Stanford, colleges across the country are training students to be intolerant.

 RANT - MSNBC Freak-Out: Democracy ‘Crumbling’ as Trump Follows ‘Dictator’s Playbook’ -- Even as MSNBC’s Morning Joe tried to dismiss the FISA memo alleging political bias at the FBI as an “empty vault,” co-anchors Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle portrayed the release of the document as a threat to democracy and fretted with their guests that President Trump was employing the “dictator’s playbook” by criticizing the Russia investigation.


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