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 RAVE - Dana Loesch TORCHES Linda Sarsour for playing dumb about pro-life and the death penalty -- Linda Sarsour’s disingenuous attempt at playing confused about people who are pro-life who also support the death penalty was such a desperate cry for attention.

Forget that there are plenty of pro-life people who absolutely do not support the death penalty, but comparing an unborn child to a convicted felon who committed a crime vile enough to deserve the death penalty?

Dana Loesch was good enough to help with Linda’s confusion: "Easy: An innocent child is not the same as a convicted criminal who willfully committed a heinous act for which the punishment is death."

 RANT - KKK, apartheid, ethnic cleansing: The anti-Israel fury of imam chosen by Democrats to give Congress prayer -- The Muslim imam chosen by Democrats to give an opening invocation for Congress has a record of anti-Israel rhetoric and pro-Palestinian activism.


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  RANT - Jew-Hatred Ancient and Modern (Colonizing the Democratic Party) -- Recently the Democrat-controlled House failed to censure Rep. Ilhan Omar for indulging anti-Semitic tropes like the “dual loyalties” slander. Then, the New York Times published a vile cartoon caricaturing the Israeli PM as a guide-dog leading a blind Donald Trump, another anti-Semitic lie about the Jews’ malign influence.

Jew-hatred on the left is becoming more prevalent and bolder, these days nourished by the progressive Democrats’ alliance with traditional Muslims, whose ancient Islamic doctrines have for 14 centuries made Jews the scapegoat of Islam’s ills.

 RAVE - Sen. Ted Cruz rips Senate Democrats' 'weak argument' at Barr hearing -- Attorney General Bill Barr agrees with Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz that weaponizing the Department of Justice against a political opponent is an abuse of power no matter who does it.


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