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 RAVE - We Need More Christians Like Trevor Williams, Not Anthony Bass - Washington Nationals pitcher Trevor Williams did what the vast majority of his fellow MLB players are refusing to do: Speak the truth.

In a lengthy statement posted to Twitter, Williams, a devout Catholic, came out swinging against the Los Angeles Dodgers’ decision to honor the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence — an openly anti-Christian drag group — at its “pride night” and blasted the franchise for its hypocritical pledge to foster an environment of “inclusivity” for fans.

 RANT - Under Biden, DHS Is Targeting Conservative Groups - "Documents newly obtained by the Media Research Center reveal that the Biden administration has given out tens of millions of dollars through a taxpayer-funded anti-terrorism grant program to be deployed not against terrorists, but instead against conservative organizations, Christians, and the Republican Party."


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 RANT - Biden’s new ‘woke’ armed forces are ready to fight — us - ""Inclusiveness" permeates every branch of the service. The Army offers guidance to officers on how to interact with "pregnant men" — biological females who haven’t fully transitioned.

Training material declares that if women object to showering with individuals with male genitalia who think they’re female, it’s their own transphobic fault.

While Beijing prepares for war, we are engaged in a life-and-death struggle over pronouns. The Air Force Academy has banned words including Mom and Dad. How about birthing people and sperm suppliers?"

 RANT - TV Journalists Cheer NAACP’s Absurd ‘Travel Advisory’ Dinging DeSantis - "CNN and MSNBC have given an enthusiastic boost to the NAACP’s so-called travel advisory cautioning black Americans not to visit Florida. Hosts on both cable networks giddily parroted the hyperbolic warning, all while conveniently omitting the NAACP’s overt far-left leanings."


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