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 RANT - New AP History Text Categorizes Trump Supporters as Racist, Questions President’s Mental Fitness -- Less than a year-and-a-half after taking office as America’s sitting president, Donald Trump is already being maligned in the pages of an upcoming high school history text which insinuates that he and his supporters are driven by racism and that he is mentally unfit to serve as our Commander-in-Chief.

 RANT - Nets Fawn for Comey Book Excerpts Blasting Trump, Apology for Angering Hillary -- The liberal media don’t appear to show any signs of whiplash due to their wild love/hate relationship with former FBI Director James Comey. He's obviously still in their good graces with the three major network news outlets (ABC, CBS, and NBC) and Spanish-language network Univision hyping excerpts from his soon-to-be-released book A Higher Loyalty. The three touted how Comey “blasted” President Trump for being “unethical” and his apparent apology to Hillary Clinton.


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 RAVE - N.C. man whose pro-2A schooling went viral drops ANOTHER truckload of truth on lib politicians -- A North Carolina man named Mark Robinson schooled the Greensboro City Council about gun control and the Second Amendment: "I do not intend to sit idly by while politicians make rules that take away my rights as a law-abiding citizen. If I commit a crime, I expect my rights to be withheld. But until that time, I expect to have all the rights that are due to me under the Constitution."

 RANT - Caravans, Churches and Criminal Sanctuaries -- Open borders tour guides in Mexico illegally shepherding 1,500 Central Americans to the United States border have declared victory. Mexican officials reportedly are offering humanitarian visas to avert a showdown. But the parade of immigration lawlessness marches on -- with reckless aiding and abetting by churches across the U.S.


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