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 Shouting, near fisticuffs, emotions high: Today's Washington could get worse

 A green-card holder voted illegally 3 times in NC. The judge scolds election officials.

 Largest single group of migrants ever tunnels under border wall in Arizona, says Border Protection - A group of 376, including nearly 200 minors, was arrested.

 Commentary: House Democrats Readying Multi-Pronged Attack on Second Amendment

 Immigration loophole allows MS-13 gang members to go free

 Another Caravan: New Migrant Group Forms, Prepares To Head North To U.S. Border

 Trump floats "path to citizenship" for H-1B visa holders

 Nancy Pelosi Whines That a Border Wall Discriminates Against People Entering Illegally - Speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi complained that President Trump's border barrier proposal "discriminates" against those entering the country illegally. "Quite frankly when the president talks about this being a national security issue, it really isn't. It's about a policy that is discriminatory about where people are coming into this country," she said.

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 Women’s March Protesters Call For Trump to ‘Drop Dead,’ His Children to Be Caged - Protesters among the Women’s March in Washington, DC called for free abortions for all, President Trump’s children to be caged, and for Trump to “drop dead.” The left-wing protesters showed support for feminism, prostitution, transgender issues, and immigration. Many demonstrators also showed serious hatred for the president. “Make America Great Again, and Drop Dead!” one sign read.

 Commentary: Nancy Pelosi, The Hijacker Of Emotion - "...With the political landscape becoming ever more chaotic, politicians have been in constant battle across a broad range of issues. One of their most effective, and illogical, weapons is the "emotional appeal" - an argument which aims to emotionally manipulate opponents rather than debate using factual evidence."

 Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu Accuses Vice President Mike Pence Of ‘Cloaking Your Hate’ In Christianity

 Ocasio-Cortez To Dems Trying To Rein Her In: ‘I’m Not Locked Up In Here With You. You’re Locked Up In Here With Me’

 'It’s A Coup': Former Trump Lawyer Responds To Report Of FBI Counterintelligence Probe - One of President Donald Trump’s former lawyers for the Russia probe is accusing former FBI officials of staging a “coup” by opening a counterintelligence investigation into whether Trump acted as a foreign agent of Russia. “This is our worst nightmare that someone with that kind of power would then decide to go after the president. I mean it’s a coup,” John Dowd said in a radio interview.

 Giuliani: Trump Legal Team Should be Able to 'Correct' Mueller's Final Report - Attorney Rudy Giuliani said President Donald Trump’s team of attorneys should be permitted to “correct” special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report before it is released to Congress and to the public.

 Exasperated Democrats try to rein in Ocasio-Cortez

 Cohen to testify as House Democrats move in on Trump's inner circle - President Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen agreed to testify next month before the House Oversight and Reform Committee, becoming the first member of Mr. Trump’s inner circle ensnared by the special counsel to appear in an open session before Congress.


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