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 Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin To Deploy Virginia National Guard Troops To Southern Border

 Sanctuary NYC Mayor Adams Asks for Suspension of 'Right to Shelter' - New York City Mayor Eric Adams is asking to suspend the city's "right to shelter" regulation as it struggles to provide housing, food, and various legal services to a mere 40,000 aliens shipped from the border with limited federal assistance. While 40,000 is undoubtedly a large number, it absolutely pales in comparison to the approximate 6,500,000 illegal aliens released into U.S. communities by the Biden Administration.

 New York City hotel housing migrants has become a 'free-for-all,' including children getting drunk: Ex-employee - A once-trendy hotel in New York City – which has since been repurposed to house migrants – has become a hub of intoxicated children, drugs, and violence, according to a former employee.

 Texas Sues Biden Administration for ‘Illegally Pre-Approving’ Migrants Through Mobile App - Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against President Joe Biden’s administration for “illegally pre-approving” migrants to enter the United States through a mobile app that Paxton argues encourages illegal immigration.

 150 Ways Biden Has Made It Harder to Produce Oil and Gas: Energy Institute Report - The Biden administration has implemented multiple policies that have harmed America’s domestic energy production and weakened the country’s standing internationally leading to gas shortages and the highest-ever prices in the nation’s history.

 Mexican president urges Latino voters to reject DeSantis after campaign launch - Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador urged Latino voters not to back Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the next U.S. presidential election. DeSantis announced he would seek the 2024 Republican nomination for president and vowed to build a wall on the Mexico border.

 Fewer illegal immigrants crossing border yet 'got-away' rate increasing - The number of immigrants illegally entering the United States from Mexico has dropped off significantly over the past two weeks, but the rate of "got-aways" has increased.

 Smuggling across the US-Canada border a rising concern for some House Republicans - Members of Congress regularly flock to the U.S. border with Mexico to highlight illegal crossings and drug and human smuggling. Now they’re raising concerns over similar threats from the north, if on a smaller scale.

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 Commentary: The War In Ukraine: The ‘Outsourced’ War? - "...The war in Ukraine is the first large-scale conventional nation-state war since the invasion of Iraq 20 years ago. As such, it highlights how warfare has evolved in the 21st century and which trends are on the rise."

 North Korea infant jailed for life after parents found with Bible according to recent report - A two-year-old along with his entire family were sentenced to political life imprisonment after North Korean officials found a Bible in their possession, the US State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report 2022 found, documenting the regime’s crackdown on people having religious beliefs. The report provided estimated figures on religious persecution, stating that approximately 70,000 Christians, as well as individuals from other faiths, are imprisoned in North Korea.

 Commentary: How To Avoid War With China - "...Some say the key to deterring China from attacking Taiwan is to be more aggressive towards Beijing and provide Taipei with heavy weapons. That is wrong."

 Russia Seeks Arrest Of Sen. Lindsey Graham - Russia issued a warrant seeking the arrest of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) after the release of an edited video that made it appear the lawmaker was celebrating the United States spending money on the killing of Russians in Ukraine.

 China’s growing arsenal boosts risk of nuclear war, study says - Growing danger of nuclear conflict is 'real,' nuclear lab warns.

 US Navy attacked by Chinese gov’t hackers, Navy secretary says

 Is the Biden Administration Going Soft on China? - A policy shift toward economic engagement with Beijing seems to be underway in the White House.

 Christians caught with a Bible in North Korea have faced death and had their families, including children, thrown in prison for life, a new report says - People who have been arrested for religious crimes have reportedly faced detention and forced labor, torture, sexual violence, and death. Christians are considered a "hostile class" in the songbun system, in which people derive status from loyalty to the state and its leadership. Christians are regarded as the lowest in society and are constantly "vulnerable and in danger."


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