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Myths of Islam: Islam is a Democracy
The Myth:

Islam is compatible with democratic principles. It is a democracy.
The Truth:
A democracy is a system in which all people are equal before the law. The vote of every individual counts as much as the vote of any other. The collective will of the people then determines the rules of society.
Under Islamic law, only Muslim males are entitled to full rights. The standing of women is often half that of men - sometimes even less. Non-Muslims have no equal standing with Muslims. In fact, a Muslim cannot be put to death for killing an unbeliever.

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A Look At: Deliberate Ignorance
Deliberate ignorance is the practice of refusing to consider or discuss logic or evidence disproving ideologically motivated positions.
Examples of deliberate ignorance include:
Abortionists refuse to address the undisclosed harm to the mothers who have abortions.
Believing that only one ideology could ever make mistakes; constantly demonizing that ideology while ignoring the faults of one's own.
Liberals refuse to address how socialism destroys productivity.
Advocates of the global warming theory refuse to consider any scientific evidence which shows that natural causes have always had a greater effect on terrestrial air temperature than human activity.

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