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A Look At: "White Guilt" & "White Privilege"

"White Guilt" is the belief among white liberals, that being white is, in and of itself, a great transgression against the rest of the world for which one must spend their life making atonement. It is often exemplified by embracing the cultures and philosophies of various other ethnic groups while neglecting one's own roots.

"White Privilege" is the alleged body of special favors, in law and custom, that white people have by virtue of being white. Liberal activists increasingly allege "white privilege" to advocate for social policies and programs.

"White Privilege" has also been described as: "...The misconception that somehow whites have more benefits than other races, which is used to guilt whites into feeling shame for things they are powerless to control."

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A Look At: "Race Baiting" & "Playing The Race Card"

Race baiting is a term for groundless accusations of racism. It is a deliberate focus on race in an attempt to discredit others as "racist". An important component of race baiting is for the accuser to appear factual, neutral and unbiased. Some are unapologetic about racial bias, referring to others, guilty or not, as bad people that must be exposed.

"Playing the race card" is a false claim of racism used in attempt to win a debate/argument or escape punishment. This is generally used by people who have no legitimate argument or excuse for their actions.

Originally used mainly by African Americans, "the race card" is now commonly played by liberals of all races in an attempt to silence anyone that disagrees with them or opposes their agenda.

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