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Games Muslims Play: "You Can Only Learn Islam from a Muslim"
The Game:
Only Islamic scholars are qualified to teach Islam. How can you learn Islam from a non-Muslim?
The Truth:
The Quran, Hadith and Sira paint a picture of Islam and the life of Muhammad that is unsavory to modern-age tastes. Because of this, apologists of Islam prefer that non-Muslims "learn" about the religion from people who agree with it and can make it sound appealing by dismissing the bad parts while exaggerating (or inventing) the good. Of course, they can't come out and say this. What they say instead is that Islam can only by taught by Muslims.

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A Look At: Socialism
Socialism is a socio-political and economic ideology responsible for the mass murder of at least 94 million people over the past 100 years. The fundamental flaw of socialism is the belief that one person has the right to the fruit of another person's labor and private property.
Socialism relies on scapegoating to build a constituent base. For example, that "the rich" are responsible for all of humanities' ills. Socialism targets the youth of a nation and people without life experience using simplistic "feel good" slogans ("Medicare for All," "tuition free education," "free housing," etc.)...

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