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Games Muslims Play: Terrorists Can't be Muslim Because They Kill Muslims
The Game:

The Quran says that a true Muslim should never kill another Muslim.  Since Muslims comprise the bulk of terror attack victims, the terrorists must not be Muslim.

The Truth:

The fault in the argument is the premise that a true Muslim would never kill another Muslim. This is easily refuted by the fact that Islamic Law mandates the death penalty for crimes such as adultery and blasphemy. Since apologists assure us that Sharia applies only to Muslims, this proves that there are circumstances in which a Muslim not only can, but should, be killed. This opens a whole range of possibilities.

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A Look At: Evolution Syndrome
Evolution syndrome is the tendency of some people to insist compulsively that human evolution from animals must somehow be true, and to spend nearly all of their time pushing that belief on others. It is reflected on the internet by people who devote a significant amount of their postings to pushing their belief in evolution and insisting on censoring or demonizing alternative views of the issue. They are particularly against teaching any alternative theories to children in school. A childish insistence on last wordism is a common characteristic of evolution syndrome.

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