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 Hillary Tells MSNBC That Putin “Denied Me the Presidency”

 Biden Launches Domestic Terrorism Strategy Targeting “Anti-Government Ideology”

 Former Sec of State Pompeo: COVID-19 Leaked From Wuhan Lab

 Commentary: COVID rules that make no sense — and the politicians who refuse to give up control

 Biden in Europe: I Don’t Want To Go Home!

 Gov. Greg Abbott Signs Bill Banning Use of Vaccine Passports in Texas

 71 percent of Democrats think healthy Americans should still stay home: poll - A shocking 71 percent of registered Democrats still believe even healthy people need to stay home "as much as possible," according to a new Gallup poll.

 Rand Paul says his family has received death threats over clashes with Fauci - Sen. Rand Paul said his family has received at least five death threats over his public disagreements with National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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 Republican Voters Overwhelmingly Support State Reviews of 2020 Election

 Reporter makes shocking claim she’s been ‘muzzled’ by local Fox station during live report, plans to release evidence via Project Veritas - FOX 26 News reporter Ivory Hecker has chosen to blow the whistle on her own television station. The journalist for the Houston-based outlet announced on-air that she will be releasing recordings through Project Veritas.

 House Minority Leader McCarthy Unloads on Biden in Letter to GOP Lawmakers

 Report: Feds Subpoenaed Hunter Biden During 2016 Election – Raised Concerns About Ukraine Work

 Half of COVID-19 Stimulus Money May Have Been Stolen

 The Largest Gun Registration and Confiscation Scheme Is Being Planned By the Biden Administration

 Gov Newsom Rages After Federal Judge Strikes Down California’s Unconstitutional Gun Ban

 Obama Suggests Republican States Passing Election Integrity Laws are 'Rigging the Game'


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