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 Rep. Mike Waltz: Trump Shooter Had Overseas Accounts At The Same Time We're Having An Iranian Assassination Plot - Rep. Waltz (R-FL) in an interview said the shooter behind the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump had 3 encrypted overseas accounts.

 Man who shot video of would-be Trump assassin on building speaks out - Eyewitness Michael Difrischia says the police officers at the Trump Pennsylvania rally 'couldn't see' Thomas Michael Crooks on the rooftop of a building.

 Trump’s Would-Be Assassin Flew Drone Over Pennsylvania Rally Site Before Deadly Shooting - Thomas Matthew Crooks, 20, who attempted to assassinate former President Donald Trump in Butler, Pennsylvania, reportedly flew a drone over the rally area shortly before he executed his attack. Crooks scaled a rooftop unmolested, despite scores of attendees watching him army crawl on the roof, which was left unprotected by the Secret Service, as he lined up to take shots at Trump.

 One-Third of Dems Believe Conspiracy Theory That Trump Staged Assassination Attempt - A conspiracy theory has run unabated in Democratic circles following the assassination attempt against former president Donald Trump. It posits that Trump staged the shooting for a photo op, that the wound on his ear was caused by something other than an assassin's bullet, and that he was never in mortal danger.

 House subpoenas Mayorkas for Secret Service documents on Trump rally - The House Homeland Security Committee issued a subpoena to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas demanding details on the Secret Service’s preparations for the rally that nearly took the life of former President Donald Trump.

 Biden Denounced J.D. Vance Faster Than He Denounced the Trump Assassination Attempt - Trump’s VP pick drew the ire of President Biden. Within 23 minutes of the announcement, Biden had already attacked Vance having already created a graphic criticizing the newly announced GOP ticket. On the contrary, it took Biden one hour and 43 minutes to post about the assassination attempt on Trump.

 Major News Editor Tells Media to Bury Iconic Trump Photo: ‘It’s Dangerous’ - A photo editor at a major news outlet has called on the media to bury the historic photo of former President Donald Trump standing defiant after the assassination attempt. The unnamed editor slammed the photo as “dangerous” and “free PR” for the Trump campaign.

 Trump would-be assassin climbed air conditioning unit to access shooting perch: report - The Pennsylvania man who tried to assassinate former President Trump accessed his roof firing perch by clambering up an air conditioning unit, according to a report. Critics have questioned how Crooks was able to position himself so close to Trump despite the presence of local police and Secret Service agents. The shooter got off several rounds before being shot dead on top of the roof.

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 Speaker of the House Mike Johnson: 'If Joe Biden Is Not Fit to Run for President, He Is Not Fit to Serve As President' - "If Joe Biden is not fit to run for President, he is not fit to serve as President. He must resign the office immediately. November 5 cannot arrive soon enough."

 Biden ends bid for second term in White House as he drops out of 2024 rematch with Trump - President Biden endorses Vice President Kamala Harris as the Democrats 2024 standard-bearer as he suspends his 2024 re-election campaign.

 As Democrats Fracture, Biden Calls Himself the Unifier - The civil war in the Democrat Party keeps getting worse and worse, while the Biden campaign makes the case that the President is the great unifier who will heal our nation's division.

 Biden Releases Statement Indicating He Is Not Dropping Out Of Race - President Joe Biden released a statement indicating that he has no plans of dropping out of the presidential race as calls for him to do so continue to mount from members of his own party.

 Court Deals Death Blow to Georgia DA's Plot to Take Trump to Trial Before Election Day - The Georgia Court of Appeals has set a date to hear former President Trump's bid to kick Fulton County DA Fani Willis off the crumbling Georgia election interference case. With the proceedings indefinitely postponed, the state's appellate court scheduled oral arguments for the morning of December 5, a month after the presidential race, thereby officially foiling the Democrat DA's plot to take Trump to trial before Election Day.

 Judge’s Dismissal of Classified Document Case Against Trump Explained - Judge Aileen Cannon ruled that the special counsel’s appointment violated the appointments clause of the Constitution.

 Biden seriously considering proposals on Supreme Court term limits - President Joe Biden is seriously considering proposals to establish term limits for U.S. Supreme Court justices, and an ethics code that would be enforceable under law amid claims that the justices are not held accountable.

 Judge dismisses Trump's Florida classified documents case - Judge rules special counsel Jack Smith was unlawfully appointed.


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