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 Defending The Republic - Defending the Republic was established by Sidney Powell to defend and to protect the integrity of elections in the United States.

 President Trump Says ‘This Election was Rigged and We Can’t Let That Happen’ at Pennsylvania Vote Fraud Hearing - Trump is still very much in this fight.

 Poll finds some voters regret picking Biden after new revelations

 Sen. GOP Releases Incriminating Evidence in Biden Investigation

 Hundreds of Activists Gather for 'Stop the Steal' Rally in Georgia - Activists gathered in Atlanta for a "Stop the Steal" rally in support of President Trump after the secretary of state certified GA's results.

 Senators: Biden-family deals with China raise 'extortion concerns' - New evidence has been released by two Senate committees that provide more links between Joe Biden's scandal-plagued son Hunter and communist China.

 Most in GOP say Biden ‘stole’ election, want Trump to fight on

 Michigan Democrat State Rep.-Elect Telegraphs Threat to GOP Wayne County Canvasser's Children in Racist Diatribe Over Vote Certification - Michigan Democrat state Representative-Elect Abraham Aiyash, 26, telegraphed a threat to the children of Republican Wayne County Board of Canvasser’s member Monica Palmer in a racist rant over Palmer’s initial vote to not certify the corrupt election results in the county which includes the city of Detroit.

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 Report: Ballot fraud hits 'mass scale, in broad daylight' - 'Sometimes with the cooperation of state officials'

 Trump Says Big Tech Immunities Must Be Terminated for 'National Security' Reasons - President Trump has called for the immediate termination of Big Tech's Section 230 liability protections for reasons of "national security."

 Trump pardons former national security advisor Michael Flynn

 Pennsylvania judge halts election certification amid mail-in vote fight - Lawsuit alleges that Pennsylvania's mail-in voting law violated the state's constitution.

 RNC Chair: GOP Will Investigate Election Fraud - According to RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, the GOP will continue to investigate fraud in the 2020 election.

 New Data From Rigorous Statistical Analysis Points to Voter Fraud in Montgomery County, PA

 Mathematician flags 100,000 Pennsylvania ballots for fraud - An expert has flagged up to 100,000 ballots in Pennsylvania's presidential vote count as fraudulent, in the state where only tens of thousands of votes separate Joe Biden and President Trump.

 Dominion Voting Systems BACKS OUT from Testifying Before Pennsylvania State House Committee -- What Are They Hiding?


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