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 Ex-Trump advisor purged from federal elections board after left-wing pressure campaign, emails show - "I do find it ironic that a group that supposedly promotes ‘free speech for people’ organized a campaign to make sure that the opinions and views of people like me are not heard."

 Study: At Least 90% of TV News Fails to Call Trump Prosecutors ‘Democrats’

 You're Not Going to Believe How Much Biden's Student Loan Bribe Will Cost Taxpayers - The Wharton School of Economics pegs the cost of Biden's debt cancelation so far at half a trillion dollars. "We estimate that the New Plans will cost $84 billion in addition to the $475 billion that we estimated for President Biden’s SAVE plan, for a total cost of about $559 billion across both plans," said the analysis.

 Congress Calls In Head Of Advertiser Coalition For Interview On Coordinated Targeting Of Conservative Outlets - The House Judiciary Committee requested a transcribed interview with the head of the World Federation of Advertisers’ Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM), a group through which the committee says major corporations colluded to try to bankrupt conservative media outlets by withholding advertising dollars.

 Rand Paul claims '15 US agencies' knew about Wuhan’s development of COVID-19 and did NOTHING

 Biden's New ATF Rule Could Open Millions of Lawful Gun Owners to Criminal Prosecution - The Biden administration's new rule could open millions of gun owners to criminal prosecution as well as diverting the ATF from going after real gun traffickers by broadening the definition of who is 'engaged in the business' of selling firearms.

 Biden Admin Finalizes Controversial Rule to Expand Background Checks on Gun Sales - New rule is seen as step toward the Biden administration’s goal of universal background checks.

 State Dept’s New DEI Official Said America’s Institutions Are ‘Riddled With Racism,’ Based On A ‘Failed Historical Model’ - Zakiya Carr Johnson was appointed as the department’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who boasted that she brings "expertise and a fresh perspective on how we build a workforce that reflects America."

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 Trump trial: Judge sets April 23 hearing for Trump alleged gag order violation - Hours into the start of the first criminal trial against a former president, prosecutors with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office called on New York Justice Juan Merchan to sanction Trump for violating the gag order by sharing at least three social media posts.

 Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's Trump Case - A Primer - All you need to know about the left's latest -- and lamest -- lawfare.

 Commentary: A serial perjurer will try to prove an old misdemeanor against Trump in an embarrassment for the New York legal system - "...After an absurd $450 million decision courtesy of Attorney General Letitia James, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg will bring his equally controversial criminal prosecution over hush money paid to former porn star Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election. Lawyers have been scouring the civil and criminal codes for any basis to sue or prosecute Trump before the upcoming 2024 election. This will highlight the damage done to New York’s legal system because of this unhinged crusade. They’ve charged him with everything short of ripping a label off a mattress."

 House passes FISA bill renewing spying power, rejects warrant requirement

 Hypocrisy: DNC Paying Biden's Legal Bills While Griping About RNC Paying Trump's legal Bills

 Biden Requires Cheat Sheet for Even the Most Basic Remarks With Japanese Prime Minister

 20 States Move to Prevent Biden Administration from ‘Sue-and-Settle’ Border Tactics - The amicus brief seeks to protect the sovereign status of states to uphold immigration laws when the president surrenders his obligation to do so.

 Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) Says House Considering Foreign Aid Package Without Border Reforms Would Be A ‘Betrayal’


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