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Games Muslims Play: Where Does the Quran Say to Kill Innocent People?
The Game:
The Quran never says to kill innocent people.
The Truth:
Yes, the Quran never says to kill innocent people.  Unfortunately, it does say that people who don't follow Allah's Law are not innocent - even if they are outwardly Muslim... and it does say to kill them.

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A Look At: Liberal Style
The style of a liberal has common characteristics, which include techniques to mislead, or self-serving promotion:

A liberal like Hillary Clinton blames others for her own failure.

A never-ending craving for attention (e.g., Hollywood types and politicians).

A high word-to-substance ratio, as in using many words to say little of substance. They also feel the need to add unnecessary vocabulary to the dictionary.

Interrupt others frequently, reflecting how liberals rely on censorship to persuade.

Obsession with the media, and even with the few conservatives in the media.

Feign offense as a way to silence criticism.

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