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Transgender Ideology Is Superstition, Not Science
Jack Turban — a California psychiatrist who has made his career by promoting and practicing the medical "transition" of children — wrote, "The most basic part of gender identity is what I call our transcendent sense of gender. In a way that goes beyond language, people often just feel male or female."

This talk of indescribable, transcendent feelings is just a roundabout way of saying we have gendered souls, that there is a masculinity or femininity to us that is more real than our bodies, and which our bodies must be reordered to match..."

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A Look At: Scientism
Scientism is the erroneous belief that the scientific method is limitless and should be applied with an atheistic or liberal bias to nearly every facet of life.

A common flaw of scientism is its tendency to presuppose the necessities for a predetermined conclusion, disregarding any contradictory evidence or counterexamples. Frequently engaging in circular reasoning, scientism is sometimes described as a quasi-religious ideology that originated in the early 19th century, characterized by the veneration of scientific rituals and predetermined outcomes.

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