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 Salvadoran Illegal Immigrant Charged with Rape, Murder of Maryland Mother - Police arrested 23-year-old illegal immigrant, Victor Antonio Martinez Hernandez, and charged him with the rape and murder of Rachel Morin, a mother-of-five who was brutally killed on a hiking trail in Maryland last year. "Victor Hernandez did not come here to make a better life for himself or his family," Harford County, Maryland Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said. "He came here to escape the crime he committed in El Salvador. He came here and murdered Rachel and, God willing, no one else."

 Biden Importing Venezuelan Gangs Into U.S. - According to a report, the number of Venezuelan gang members illegally crossing the border unvetted by the Biden Department of Homeland Security is rising to an unprecedented amount. U.S. law enforcement and immigration officials launched more than 100 investigations into crimes related to Venezuelan gang members living in the country. The number of illegal Venezuelans who have successfully crossed the southern border went from 50,500 in fiscal year 2021 to 334,900 in fiscal year 2023.

 Utah Gov. accuses Denver mayor of sending illegal immigrants without 'notification or approval' - "We recently learned that the Democrat mayor of Denver has been sending illegal immigrants to Utah without proper notification or approval. This is completely unacceptable and follows on the failed catch-and-release policy of the Biden administration," Utah Gov. Spencer Cox wrote. "Every state has received illegal immigrants and Utah’s resources are completely depleted."

 Border Patrol can only vet ‘5% of people’ that come in: Pinal County, Ariz. Sheriff Mark Lamb - Lamb discussed the concerns over terror threats after the arrest of eight migrants with ties to ISIS...

 Biden Slammed After 8 Suspected ISIS-Linked Terrorists Cross U.S. Border, Roam American Streets Before Being Caught - President Joe Biden is facing mounting criticism after news broke that eight suspected ISIS-linked terrorists were arrested in multiple U.S. cities after they illegally crossed the southern border. Out of the eight suspects, at least two entered the U.S. last spring, and one of those men used the Biden administration’s CBP One app to claim asylum.

 1M illegal immigrants could be given 'amnesty' as Biden faces pressure from left wing - President Biden has hinted that more liberal moves on immigration could be coming in the weeks ahead, and reports suggest that, in response to left-wing pressure on the issue, he is considering a deportation shield for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants already in the U.S.

 CBS host shocked by poll showing 62% of registered voters support deporting all illegal immigrants

 Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says Biden executive order making illegal border crossings 'worse': 'Gaslighting' Americans - "As long as the Biden administration refuses to provide any type of enforcement, any type of blockage of people crossing illegally, all that this new Biden policy is going to do is to actually attract and invite even more people to cross the border illegally," Abbott said.

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 US Signs 10-Year Security Agreement With Ukraine at G7 Summit - The United States and Ukraine signed a 10-year security assistance pact during the G7 Summit. The pact commits the US to training and equipping Ukrainian forces through the expulsion of Russian forces from Ukraine and beyond.

 Ukraine Rejects Putin's Peace Terms - Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to "immediately" order a cease-fire in Ukraine and begin negotiations if Kyiv started withdrawing troops from the four regions annexed by Moscow in 2022 and renounced plans to join NATO. Ukraine responded by calling Putin's proposal "manipulative" and "absurd."

 US military strikes Houthi radar sites in Yemen after ship goes missing in Red Sea - The U.S. military is striking radar sites operated by Yemen’s Houthi rebels after a merchant sailor and boat went missing in the Red Sea.

 Biden Vetoes Chance to Give U.S. Troops a Pay Raise Despite Spending Seven Times More On Ukraine - The Biden Administration is facing intense criticism after shooting down a proposal to give U.S. military troops a pay raise. The Administration said that it "strongly opposes" approving such a "significant" and "permanent" pay raise, citing budgetary constraints. However, the Democratic administration just recently approved spending nearly seven times the amount to fund Ukraine’s ongoing war with Russia.

 Biden May Negotiate Separately With Hamas for US Hostages - Biden administration officials have discussed potentially negotiating a unilateral deal with Hamas to secure the release of five Americans being held hostage in Gaza if current cease-fire talks involving Israel fail, according to two current senior U.S. officials and two former senior U.S. officials.

 Report: Half of Hamas Terrorists Killed; 7,000 Remain in Rafah - Half of all the Hamas terrorists in Gaza have been killed during the war, according to U.S. officials, and most of the remaining ones are holed up in the town of Rafah, where Israel has been advancing slowly.

 Trans Nashville Shooter's Disturbing Manifesto Finally Revealed - The explosive writings, referred to as Audrey Hale’s ‘manifesto,’ have been a source of controversy, with many accusing officials of keeping them secret because they would hurt the trans community. Now released, they help explain why the 28-year-old, who identified as a male named Aiden, shot her way into a Tennessee school, killing three adults and three nine-year-olds, before responding officers killed her.

 New memo shows how FBI pressured Nashville Police about trans killer's manifesto after Christian school mass killing - More than a year after the tragedy, the manifesto remains under lock and key.


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