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 Over 94,000 Illegal Immigrants in Southern Texas Released Into US With Notices to Report, Documents Show

 DHS drafts plan to allow fraudsters to keep citizenship - Memo would constrain ability to pursue denaturalization cases

 Leaked Border Patrol Docs Expose Mass Release of Illegals Into U.S. by Biden Admin

 DHS Sec. Mayorkas Orders ICE to End Worksite Raids

 Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Biden Admin’s “Bold-Faced Lies” on the Border

 Border Wide Open as National Guard Soldiers Sent by Red States Earlier This Summer Are Gone

 DHS Secretary Mayorkas Announces Cancellation of Contracts to Build Border Wall in Sectors Where Crisis Is the Worst

 Biden Admin Spending Millions Per Day to NOT Build Border Wall

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 Taliban Says China Prepared to Invest Billions in Afghanistan

 Marine Who Criticized Afghanistan Withdrawal Pleads Guilty to All Charges in Court-Martial Hearing

 Afghanistan: Nearly Half of the Taliban Government’s Leaders Are Designated Terrorists

 Marine jailed after criticizing Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal to plead guilty at court martial hearing - The guilty plea comes as part of a plea bargain deal that will allow Scheller to obtain a discharge that grants him some military benefits.

 Many Cities That Defunded Police Have Quietly Restored Funding

 State Department: Meeting With Senior Taliban Leaders “Candid and Professional”

 Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, Who Blasted Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster, Faces Six Charges In Court Martial

 Taliban Says They Won’t Work With U.S. to Contain ISIS in Afghanistan


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